“definitely one of the best lectures in my life. and I’ve heard a lot of them.”

Marathon of positive psychology,
Cankarjev dom

Aljoša Bagola na odru

Lectures for events, festivals and companies

We must acknowledge the impact of the modern world on our well-being. Therefore my awarded lecture enables you a full insight into how technologies shape our expectations, how to manage burnout by embracing creativity, and how to develop better relationships. This is the go-for lecture for companies, events, congresses, and conferences where you want to enthuse your audiences and employees with dynamic, relevant, and equally entertaining content.

“dozens of co-workers have been coming to my office, highly praising Aljošas’ lecture.”

Head of Marketing
at one of the regions’ biggest companies

Aljoša Bagola

Masterclass for boosting your creativity

Allow yourself to be creative! My MasterClass enables you a shift towards efficiency, innovation, and overall personal fulfillment. As one of the most distinguished and awarded Creative Directors in the Adriatic Region, I have created campaigns that remain in the no. 1 places of research that measures likeness, creativity, and recognition of the biggest brands. Therefore I would be glad to teach you how to become a great storyteller and create meaningful connections between creativity and effectiveness.

“You made such an impression on our staff! they can’T want to hear you speak again!”

Jasmina, Principal

Predavanje Aljoše Bagola


Modern technologies demand our constant attention and take a toll on our relationships. These are ever more challenging between youngsters and their parents, teachers, and professors. My lecture for schools and universities thus focuses on revealing ways of how technologies manipulate human nature from an early age on and shape our ways of thinking. At the same time, it brings crucial realizations about how to improve our well-being, relationships, and how to think more creatively and independently.

Knjiga Aljoša Bagola

Much like his work, Aljoša’s recent book titled How to burn out brought a creatively powerful, highly engaging and entertaining insight into modern well-being due to his recent experience with burnout.
The book took the bestselling charts by storm. It became the fastest-selling book of past years in Slovenia, encouraging him to further spread the message of the importance of mental health and creativity.

Portret Aljoše Bagola

Aljoša Bagola is one of the best Creative Directors in the Adriatic Region, where for the past 20 years, he has been creating the most notable marketing communications projects. He has won numerous awards and honors at local and international advertising festivals for his work and was declared Slovene Creative Director of the Decade. Now he is a renowned lecturer, advisor on creativity, a best-selling author, and a Creative director on selected projects.


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